Hört talas om EFT men inte EmoTrance?

Phil Mollon, AMT Trainer, engelsk psykoanalytiker och klinisk psykolog, rekommenderar sina psykoterapeutkolleger att använda EFT, TAT och EmoTrance.

Läs vad han skriver om boken ”The Love Clinic” av Sandra Hillawi. Boken som enligt många ger den bästa förklaringen till och förståelsen av EmoTrance.

Sandra Hillawi, a leading teacher of energy psychology, has written a wonderful book – a true inspirational manual on attracting, expressing, and nurturing love. With many clear illustrations, she describes in detail how to use EmoTrance, a remarkable and simple method of working directly and deeply with the felt energetics of emotions and thoughts. It is all too easy for human beings to become lost in concern with the content of our thoughts and feelings, failing to notice how these are expressed in our bodies and the energy field within and around us. Once we focus instead on these energetic aspects, the distress simply softens, melts, and flows away. Comparisons may be made with the popular mindfulness variants of contemporary cognitive therapy – but EmoTrance takes this many quantum steps further, resolving problems often in seconds that would take much longer using current conventional methods. Sandra’s book is authentic, rooted in her own experiences and those of her clients. She tells of her journey, through EmoTrancing the obstacles deep in the energetics of her own beliefs and fears, to release her capacity to give and receive love – and to find her own soulmate. It is a lovely book, beautifully written from the heart. Sandra Hillawi ‘walks her talk’ – and her book is a gift.”

Phil Mollon PhD.
Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapist.
ACEP Consultant in Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Herts, UK
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